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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I'm not taking anything out of context. I was telling you what I remember reading, and I stand by what I wrote. It could have been on Drexfiles, it could have been on Trekmovie, I don't remember. But what I do remember was what Probert stated.
Yes, that's what you wrote after you had posted this...

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Probert himself went on record that Sternbach's design is the true Ambassador class.
...which made it sound like an established fact, which it obviously is not, because all you can offer to back your claim up with is your memory.
I'm not trying to belabor this, because it really isn't all that important, but it seems that you simply can't get it through your head that Sternbach's design is the official Ambassador class because it was seen on screen and Probert's wasn't, no matter what you think that Probert thinks. You seem to be speaking for Mr. Probert, which is quite a disservice to him, IMHO. As I said before, I could back my claim up if I had access to his quote, but I don't. Which is why I don't particularly care if you believe me or not, because I know what I read, which was that Mr. Probert stated that Rick's design is the true Ambassador class. And he's correct.

What we see on the conference lounge's wall is the Enterprise-C as Andrew Probert envisioned it (as a member of the Ambassador Class) and all the work he put into it after all these years, working together with Tobias Richter to give birth to a pefect CGI visualization of his design in 2011, tells me that he has not given up on his vision and most assuredly does not consider his design "untrue".
And yet the design as such only exists in true canon as an ill-formed side-view wall hanging, right alongside an ill-formed wall hanging of the Enterprise-B, which looks different than the actual Enterprise-B vessel. Actually all of those wall hanging sculptures are dubious at best in showing the true vessels they represent. You can think the design is "true" all you want, but unless that ship that Probert painted and Tobias Richter meshed was actually seen in the show, it has no canon standing and is really no different than a fan-made design. And I'd bet that Mr. Probert knows this as well.

Now with that said, I will repeat that I really do like Probert's original Ambassador design. As a matter of fact, I like all of Probert's work in regards to Star Trek. Two of my favorite Trek ships of all time, the TMP Enterprise and the Enterprise-D, were designed by him. I can totally see his love and dedication to his work in every sketch he drew.
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