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This is a list of a full cast over all seasons, excluding anyone who's already played twice.


Ian (BB14)

One of the most likable players in BB history, managed to win through competition and alliance-intelligence even with Asperger's.

Jack (BB4)

Big Brother badly needs to have the same age dispersion as Survivor, and Jack's easily the best old guy the show's ever seen.

Jason (BB3)

If only to see the caption "Not virgin".

David (BB4)

He just happened to be the first casualty of a split-house game, he was really likable and could have gone much father.

Lane (BB12)

Another 'Likable guy sucked into hatable alliance'.

Howard (BB15)

He would have fared better if it weren't for a crap twist that put him on the outs immediately.

Nick (BB15)

See Howard.

Ollie (BB10)

Thought he was a fun guy.


Jun (BB4)

The best player of her season, I'd like to see her not drawn into the ex-drama.

Maggie (BB6)

I thought she got a bad rap happening to be associated with the most hatable alliance in game history. In any other season she would have been likable.

Renny (BB10)

Another "More diverse age range" inclusion. She was fun.

Jenn (BB14)

Great to see a female player who didn't fit the mold in any way.

Michelle (BB11)

Another of those 'screwed by context' players. They decided at some point she was a horrible human being for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Lydia (BB11)

Another 'breaks the mold' pick. This show is usually so bad at casting women that the few who are different get in easy.

Lori (BB3)

She was one of my favorite at the start of the season and only lost because she happened to win a cash prize.

Cheryl (BB2)

I have to agree she was a victim of circumstance, and one of the few older people cast to the show.
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