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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I'm willing to do research to understand the current plotline and character interactions on a damn soap opera, a Star Trek fan - most of whom are generally smarter people than the average soap fan...
Hey, Sci-Fi soap opera. There's a difference.
Yes, it does answer your question. You just don't like the answer. Character assassination, aka character rape. To make the characters act completely out of established character traits, just for plot point, not because it's how the character would normally act in such a situation. Example: the ridiculous public displays of affection between Spock and Uhura. It may titillate the younger fans who don't remember or never saw how real Spock and real Uhura related to each other in TOS, but it's not how the characters were established or developed. Their relationship was always based on mutual respect, and never went beyond the mild flirtation in one or two early episodes.
It's more like character 'temporal weapon ship'ed (if I haven't been dorky enough). I agree with most of what you say. IMO The NuTrek vision, though a hell of an action flick, pales in comparison to TOS. They traded off the overall character development and relationship for trust and rash decisions. I made the leap over to fan because they had Nemoy and Nero's back story and the fact that they didn't dissapear. I mean how can Spock built a blackhole ship on Vulcan, get pulled back with Nero, and watch the planet (that would later build the ship that sent him back) be destroyed, without ceasing to be? If Janeway's theories were true Future Spock, Nero, and their ships would have dissapeared, and NuTrek's Starfleet would be saying 'What happened to Vulcan?' (IMO, Star Trek's time flow is stubborn. Maybe Picard in FC didn't have to perform a causality loop and if he simply ported back along his temporal carrier wave, the Borg future and the Enterprise E normal timeline would have existed.) So Kirk's dad dies, he's born in space, and he has an asshole for a step-dad (that he didn't listen to); It's believable he would have been raised the same, Prime Trek Kirk's father was in Starfleet, and he grew up in a stay on Earth (Iowa) family (daddy wasn't there); So the group is younger; maybe after Nero's attack parents like Chekov's waited to have kids. NuTrek is an honest reboot IMO (and I too disliked the Spock/Uhura thing), and it's not like all Reboots defiantly supersed their predecessors.

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