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Re: Things you liked about voyager

Things I Love About Voyager, by teacake

I love Captain Kathryn Janeway. As to why I love her, see previous 20,000+ posts.

I love the FUN, the CAMP, the lack of taking itself too seriously.

I love the humor, the outright comedy episodes and the amusing moments that bounce around in all the other episodes. I love how Kate Mulgrew and Picardo can add humor to any exchange with just a look, and do so.

I love the EMH and his interactions with everybody, how he brings out the other characters by prodding at them with his superiority.

I love 7 because I adore her story arc, I relate to her more than any character in Star Trek.

I love ALL the time travel.

I love seeing real food being cooked and the way they used Neelix's kitchen needs and cooking/mess as a place to bring people together.

I love Naomi Wildman, best Trek kid ever.

I love EVERY double episode, they are all well done adventures and a joy to rewatch.

And finally, I love the Voyager fandom. They are just like the show, they are very funny and warm and don't take themselves seriously (except of course during the war to bring back you know who) and they enjoy being fannish fangirl fantastic fans all over the internet. They brighten up my life whether on tumblr, facebook or forums.

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