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Re: Things you liked about voyager

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Well lets see, Janeway did blow up her ship while she was still on it. Kirk blew up his ship but he wasn't on it, and Picard might have been willing but he didn't have to. So yes she was the only one that actually did, and she did it twice. "Deadlock" and "Year of Hell"
Technically speaking, Year of Hell never happened as it was handwaved away by the reset button. Deadlock's a bit more of a shade of grey, while the reset button was employed that other crew minus a baby and big baby were gone. But status quo was maintained.
It doesn't matter if it was a reset button, or that she doesn't remember it, she still did it. And Deadlock isn't a reset button, it's a duplication but again we see Janeway making the decision and following it through.

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Picard did ram his ship into another one, but never actually blew it up
That was one part of Nemesis that surprised me. Picard's my favorite Captain, but even as I was watching the Enterprise loom larger on the theater screen I was like... he's not going to do it, that's a Kirkesque move.
That one scene made me write fic you know. I could just see Picard standing in dry dock waiting to explain to the designers just what he had done to his ship LOL. He could even be met by an Admiral, "Picard, that is one hell of a hull breach!"
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