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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Thanks very much. I believe I'm going to heed the advice of yourself and others and just not worry about Spacedock either way.

Here is a fantastic collage someone put together - perhaps Bernd @ EAS, I honestly don't recall - that fabulously illustrates the differences between the pre-TUC Excelsior and the TUC modifications.

As you can see, if anything the TUC version seems to make the ship seem even bigger - there appear to be several rows of windows on both the bridge module and the revised aft section ahead of the shuttlebay, plus the bridge is too narrow to accommodate the bridge.

This isn't exactly an item-by-item comparison of the features of the two ships, but this comparison I think also by Bernd puts them to rough scale via the 467 and 305 meters. Even here the edge of the saucers don't exactly match in thickness. The window pattern on the rim seems more spread out, and overall it seems like the Excelsior rim should be thicker to me.

Does anyone have any opinions on the Damn Secondary Hull Chasm? As a kid I thought it was part of the transwarp machinery (imagining that the deflector took part in the transwarp funcionality.) As an adult, I want it to be a shuttlebay. Dammit.

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