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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

Before I proceed, I must tuck tail and correct a horrible omission that I hope can be forgiven. In retelling the tale of the creation of the Oberth schematic for LCARS24, I completely neglecting to mention the the critical input of our own Reverend, whose efforts to create accurate schematics of the Oberth class I considered definitive, and strongly influenced the take on the ship I presented before.

Whatever the Romulan is for "oops," there you have it. I have put in a PM to Reverend in the hopes he drops by.

With that out of the way, with all deliberate slaphazardness, I present this crude deck to window analysis:

It is hampered by the perspective of the image, but basically the windows are more or less too high for each deck as they align to the edges of the hull. And the ones on top of the dome, which can be viewed quite wel in the following image, could be skylights I suppose, but are probably better described as some form of sensors.

Given the nature of my Excelsior thread, though, it might be worthwhile to attempt scaling the ship based on the windows for kicks. However, I think the results would be frustrating at best.

Should we also consider the wrecked Vico while we're at it? We know it to be a separate model, but perhaps there is some merit.

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I don't have a good stern picture at hand, but in comparison wouldn't the tiny impulse "thingy" at the warp sled's stern rather look "auxiliary"?
The Fact Files image might suffice:

My issue with making it a primary impulse engine would be that it would seem to not be along the center of mass... but maybe two impulse engines working in tandem would be okay?

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a mid-size Federation vessel "could be" a "Scout Class vessel" I probably wouldn't say no. Do we have anything useful on the USS Jenolan (Sydney Class) for comparison?
Mm, I'm not sure if the Jenolan helps:

I'd say that bridge module suggests a ship closer to 200 meters, give or take. Plus, she was a transport, so she doesn't necessarily have to be small.
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