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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

The Angels have shut down Albert Pujols for the remainder of the season, because his plantar fasciitis is getting out of control.

Oh, what's that I said about signing Pujols to a long-term contract?

Anyone with half a brain knew that Pujols' contract demands were insane, and this is why I am so very glad that the Cubs only gave him a half-hearted short-term contract offer. Pujols was 32, had a well-documented history of elbow issues, and the little issue of his long-term plantar fasciitis, which is by itself a massive red flag due to its degenerative nature, and the Angels signed him into his 40s. It won't even be five years until that contract is an albatross; I fully expect him to have a pretty big decline as soon as next year. He could have an even more calamitous drop than A-Rod, who can at least put up the defense that both his hips appear to be grinding to dust.
However: As I pointed out in my earlier post, not only will Pujols be 32 at the time that he signs a free-agent contract, he's going to do so with a history of elbow problems and, more importantly, plantar fasciitis, which isn't a condition that gets better. Quite the opposite: It's degenerative. Granted, the foot issue hasn't been a huge problem for the last few years, but it's there. Any team that wants to sign Pujols next winter will essentially be asked to sign him to a retirement contract. There are so many red flags with his health, though, that it's incredibly risky to do so. I'd be hesitant to sign him for even seven years, to say nothing about a ten-year deal.
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