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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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This being the only part worth responding to, how in the world do you try to lump in the creation of the internet as part of the sunk cost of SpaceX's rockets?
Because that is where he got his money from
So what? who cares where he got the money? Where did NASA get the money?? I don't see you adding the entire cost of every technical advance since fire to SLS. Dude, get a grip.

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And until SLS has a second launch proving otherwise, you're right.
But you don't even want it to get that first flight.

That's like me challenging you to a fifty yard dash, but let me tie you up first.
Again, what are you talking about?

SLS can fly as often as shuttle--and once flying, should be able to fly with less problems because there is no orbiter. The problem is that NASA needs a larger budget
And the bolded parts are where we have the crux of the issue. SLS is too expensive. You can have it, or you can have robust science missions like the ones mentioned below.
Webb is worth several SLS cores by itself--and Curiosity is also in the billions. Golden Spike is the billions. There is just no cheap way to do this.
Golden Spike is a commercial venture and has no bearing on SLS or NASA's budget, unless NASA at some future point purchases services from them - probably at a cheaper rate.

Oh, and that's a great article you linked to. I especially like how Robert Clark took it apart in the comments section.
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