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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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They were merely remakes priorly, comic books were the first time they used the term. It was when they dropped the previous history and started the story afresh. They've done it many times and have gone back and continued previous stories. IMO Ultimate X-Men sucked but Astonishing X-Men (which was tied to Uncanny X-Men's earth) was great.
Been reading comics since the Sixities. Reboots didn't begin them.
I'm not saying reboots began comics, I'm saying they started in them.
Typo on my part. That should read "begin with them".

And no, comics did not create the idea of the reboot. As Greg and I pointed out its be going on forever. Probably as far back as the first storytellers.

Creators were doing it before many people even knew how to use computers.
You do know comics pre-date modern computers, right?
Yes, I do. That was my point. Comic and other media were rebooting characters long before fans began calling the process a reboot.

Ultimate X-Men isn't a reboot. The other X-men comics are still being published. The Ultimate version exists in a different continuity.
Reboots are 'different continuities', and that teen reboot Wolverine Jimmy Hudson is no James (Logan) Howlet. I'm happy he doesn't exist outside of Ultimate X-Men and that Logan isn't dead.
No. If the original X-Men is still being publish, how can the Ultimate version have rebooted it? The Ultimate line is something different than a reboot, even though its a different take on the Marvel heroes. The closest thing I can think of is the Earth 1/Earth 2 situation in the Silver Age. Though the Silver version of Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman and the Atom were reboots.
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