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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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The reality of Star Trek is just an utopian dream.
Yup. Naive, too.

Mankind is broken. History reports that no matter how good a system is, if evil men run it, then no good will come of it.
Here's some bad news: Mankind isn't broken. There's a reason we're at the top of the food-chain, after all. We're doing what we've always done since the dawn of recorded history (and no doubt way before it started to be recorded), and probably always will (no doubt long after history has stopped being recorded). We are what we are, and it's better for all concerned if we disabuse ourselves of the notion that we're "getting better" and learn to work with what we've got. Let go of the denial and let yourself be human. For better, and often for worse it is who we are. Get used to it, and learn to use it to your advantage.
Interesting. One could say that this is the mentality of the people in Star Trek: Enterprise "In the Mirror Darkly".

I'm not sure you would want to stick with that though. Perhaps you may want to modify that notion. Surely you can see child molesters, alcoholics, and rapists as evidence of mankind being broken since they can ascribe to your description of just being who they are. What seems like an advantage may actually be a worsening condition of mankind as they will get worse and worse.
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