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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I has NOTHING to do with intelligence or using brain cells or not. It's simply about the amount of dedication to a franchise. Most people don't care enough about Star Trek to even know the difference. It's a fact, even if YOU personally know the difference.
My point is that if (for example) I'm willing to do research to understand the current plotline and character interactions on a damn soap opera, a Star Trek fan - most of whom are generally smarter people than the average soap fan - should be willing to ask a friend why a character was alive in one episode and dead in another (possibly one episode was a Mirror-universe one where the mirror-character was killed but the regular character wasn't). And if there's nobody to ask in RL, there are always fan communities like this very forum where most of us could easily explain the situation.

Dumb down. To make smarter things more stupid, so they're not so difficult to understand or think about.
No, it's not. Please explain how it was dumbed down, don't assume that everybody agrees with you.
You're the one who assumes people should agree with you. I know there are people in this thread who don't agree with me.

The Abrams movie, to me, was like watching a cartoon. I've already explained this. I'm not going to do it again - please read my previous posts.

We could have more intelligent stories, and less character assassination.
Again, your opinion, not a fact.

It also doesn't answer my question.
Yes, it does answer your question. You just don't like the answer. Character assassination, aka character rape. To make the characters act completely out of established character traits, just for plot point, not because it's how the character would normally act in such a situation. Example: the ridiculous public displays of affection between Spock and Uhura. It may titillate the younger fans who don't remember or never saw how real Spock and real Uhura related to each other in TOS, but it's not how the characters were established or developed. Their relationship was always based on mutual respect, and never went beyond the mild flirtation in one or two early episodes.
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