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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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However, in this reality, Biblical prophesies foretells one third of the earth burning up, and that was just to serve as a catalyst for the NWO and their mark of the beast system.
I'm sorry, but you people have been telling me the world is going to end tomorrow for forty-two years now.
Yeah. It can sound like a broken record, but that is only because christians have been seeing how present day events are coming together with Biblical prophesies that we can only hope God is working to help those that seek the truth to see how it is at the door to turn to Jesus Christ for help to be ready to escape the hour of trial that shall try all upon the earth which is the great tribulation.

Many believers think all christians will be taken up at the pre tribulational rapture but that's Hollywood rendition of it. There will be many believers having His seal that will not be found abiding in Him and will be left behind at that time because that is when God will judge His House first if they want to be honest with the scriptures in all that is said about what is involved at the pretribulational rapture event.

I think a really good argument could be made that the world is in the shape it's in because of religion and biblical prophesies.
I would agree with making that argument about the shape of the world being in is because of religion, but just because some errant believers have made christianity a religion of what man can do, doesn't mean that is the christianity which is the Good News that was being preached to the world.

I fail to see how Biblical prophesies had any hand in the shaping of the world. I can see how it was misused by cults, but hardly an effect on shaping the world for what it is in now.

Course, if you are referring to "Muslims" prophesies, you got me there, but John 16:1-3 proves "to me" that they do not know Him at all.
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