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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

Groundhogs day is in February. You must be in a different kind of temporal loop.

As I am sure we all have figured by now, there are simply too many possibilities and too many discrepensies for us to be able to figure out with any certainty a consistant in-universe description of all the technical details. All we can really hope for is to make assumptions and then puzzle out plausible consequences of those assumptions using current knowledge. Yes, those assumptions about the Trek universe will be wrong and therefore the deductions will be wrong. But the final result will be a better understanding of *our* universe. And I think that is a goal worth wasting time on.

This was what I was trying to allude to when I made my assumptions speech several pages back.

.....I am working on replies to your inquiries, Robert. And thank you for them.
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