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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

I'm happy with the idea of an older Doctor. I'd been hoping for an older Doctor for a while. (My previous short list included Bill Nighy and John Hurt, so sometimes the show listens to me.) Capaldi isn't my 100% ideal choice because I was kinda hoping for a woman. And I still haven't completely come to terms with Smith leaving. But I'm very excited about seeing what's next for the show.

I suppose I would be more ambivalent if Moffat were leaving too. But Moffat is staying on, and while I don't agree with absolutely everything he's done with the show, I think he's done a very good job. I've found that he & I tend to see things in a similar way. My conception of who the Doctor is is much closer to Moffat's interpretation than to RTD's interpretation. (We also have very similar views on Sherlock Holmes, to such an extent that Sherlock has pretty much negated any dreams I ever had about making my own "definitive" Sherlock Holmes movie.)

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He created the Rutles. That's good enough for me.
Co-created, with Neil Innes. Idle had the idea, Innes wrote the music and made it work.
He wrote the Nudge Nudge sketch. That's good enough for me.
Say no more!

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The fact that he's a lifelong fan of the show, a real fan and not a "celeb fan" who likes it because it's popular, makes me very, very happy.
But is he a super fan like David Tennant? (I mean, there are moments in Tennant's video diaries where he's making casual references to "Kinda." You can't get much more hardcore than that.)
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