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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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It's just that there always seems to be a whiff of denial to these debates, as though a certain segment of fans are still clinging to the idea that the reboot is just a temporary detour and we'll get back to the "real" Trek eventually. Which, from a practical standpoint, strikes me as unrealistic.

We may well see a NuNuTrek someday, and maybe even a NuNuNuTrek, but a new TV show picking up where the Prime Timeline left off? I just can't see that happening, especially as time goes by.
I think it really depends on who is behind it. If that person is a big fan of the Prime Timeline and wants to go back there, I don't think anyone is going to tell him or her no. I doubt they care--like the majority of non-Trekkies--if Kirk was born in Iowa or aboard a shuttlecraft from the Starship Kelvin, or what age Chekov was when he was first assigned to the Enterprise. That's stuff for Trekkies to fight over in places like this board.

But ultimately, continuity is just a history of past events, and most of that can be condensed into a few words in passing dialogue (and only then if it's actually relevant to a current story). To that end, which continuity a new Trek series may be set in could be totally arbitrary and dependent on the personal preference of the person chosen to create it. In any event, the show will be made for the audience of its day, regardless of which version of NCC-1701 might be displayed in a Starfleet archive.
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