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With a layoff coming at work, I have had a lot of spare time on my hands, so I went back through all the seasons and chose a male and a female houseguest for a theoretical All-Star season. These are choices I'd make and I really tried to stay away from the over saturated choices (Janelle, Jeff, Jordan, Kaysar, Will, Boogie, Dan). Feel free to agree or disagree:

Season 1 - Eddie & Jordan
Eddie is hands down my favorite winner. He really didn't give two shits about what anyone thought of him and managed to pull it out despite being nominated for banishment (remember that kids?) the majority of the weeks. Jordan got sucked into that stupid love triangle story line with Josh and Brittany (and sometimes Jamie too). I'd love to see what she could do free of that.

Season 2 - Hardy & Sheryl
Hardy dominated this season from a physical standpoint, but trusted Will to save him over Nicole in one of the stupidest game moves of the earlier seasons. Would he pull a Colby and do it again? Sheryl is here because she got screwed over, plain and simple. She was the casualty of war and never saw it coming nor was it fair to her.

Season 3 - Roddy & Danielle
Roddy spent this season being dragged down by crazy Chiara, but played a strong game that could have flew under the radar if it wasn't for her. He was always one of the most impeccably dressed houseguests as well. Danielle is here as the only decent female in this cast. She should've trounced Lisa in the final, but people were too hurt by her comments in diary that, if she was in a later season, no one would've saw in jury.

Season 4 - Jack & Michelle
Jack is one of my all time favorite houseguests. He was witty and only lost because he chose Erika to align with. Michelle is this season's Sheryl. She would've last a lot longer if there wasn't already two sides vying for control of the house and she wasn't home to either of them.

Season 5 - Marvin & Nakomis
Marvin is the original perma-pawn. He didn't give much of a care to what people thought of him either and was always chomping on a small cigar. Nakomis is the originator of the blindside (even when every person after has tried to take credit like it's the best thing since sliced bread). One of the games best strategic minds definitely needs to come back.

Season 6 - James & Sarah
James was a target in both seasons he played in and would probably be again, but let's see what kind of game he could play when not being forced to be in a Janelle/Kaysar/Howie alliance. I remember screaming at the screen when Maggie mindfucked Howie into putting Sarah up. She deserves another go for being a victim of the pure stupidity of her own alliance.

Season 7 - No Picks From All Stars

Season 8 - Eric & Jen
I think Eric's game got screwed over by America's player, which was stupid to begin with. Let him come back and play his own game. I had a hard time saying Jen, but lets see if her game is any different without Evel Dick over her shoulder.

Season 9 - Parker & Amanda
Parker got screwed over by one of the dumbest twists ever (Til Death Do Us Part) being stuck with the loudmouth Jen, who already had her boyfriend in the house. He knew he was screwed from Day One. Give him a real shot this time. Amanda was not the most stellar houseguest, but she was cute and this was definitely a weak female season.

Season 10 - Brian & Keesha
Brian was infamous for playing too hard, too quick. Does he learn his lesson? Keesha is here because the rest of the female cast was just so poor. Come to think of it, this cast was dreadful. No wonder Dan won.

Season 11 - Kevin & Laura
Kevin made it to the final three but was stuck with Natalie and Lydia the entire time in the Jessie club. Lets see what he can do on his own. Laura got run over in Ronnie's tyrannical HOH week.

Season 12 - Enzo & Britney
Enzo is here for pure entertainment. The "Meow Meow" was one of the highlights of his season and gave us a reason not to gouge our eyes out with Rachel there. And yes Britney has been back before, but she is just hilarious.

Season 13 - Adam & Shelley
Adam is the ultimate BB fan (giving him the nod over McCrae). He was there to have an awesome time and his DR's were always good. Shelley was given a raw deal when the Jeff and Jordan-ites called for her daughter to be murdered over betraying them. Let's give her another chance to play the game without all that.

Season 14 - Frank & Kara
Frank was the target for this entire season and given another chance, could win a season. Kara was another victim of something she couldn't control, this time a "Screw Dan" alliance. Let her have a chance to actually play.

Let's see some other lists!
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