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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I wouldn't be surprised if he was ready to cop to everything himself but without giving anyone up, just so he can punish himself.
However, I don't think it will come to that. If anyone is worthy of outliving this, it's Jesse in my opinion, & if he doesn't, it'll be because he doesn't want to, & in that case, woe is be the fate of Walt, because if Jesse doesn't think he's worthy of his wretched life. How must he feel about Walt? & what might he be prepared to do about that?
Some may want Jesse to live through this but it's questionable as to his being "worthy". Jesse is a cold blooded murderer, accessory to a child murder, and participant in one of the bigest illegal drug rings ever.

The way this season has gone so far, I look for Jesse to be hit with some kind of conflict. One that may prevent him from siimply turning himself in (even though he won't rat out his co-conspirators). Hank, has his DEA conflict, Skylar and Walt have the, "I (Skylar) could roll over on Walt, but then I wouldn't get to keep the money". I have a feeling it's somehow going to end up not being so easy for Jesse either.
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