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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I wouldn't be surprised if he was ready to cop to everything himself but without giving anyone up, just so he can punish himself.
You may be onto something there. I was even thinking a step further, that his money chucking catharsis was his way of purposely giving himself up, because he's so disgusted in himself, and he expects that if he ends up in jail... He'll get the Heisenberg treatment like Mike's guys. Suicide by Heisenberg is what I feel like he was thinking, & a complete emotional meltdown is what he's feeling

However, I don't think it will come to that. If anyone is worthy of outliving this, it's Jesse in my opinion, & if he doesn't, it'll be because he doesn't want to, & in that case, woe is be the fate of Walt, because if Jesse doesn't think he's worthy of his wretched life. How must he feel about Walt? & what might he be prepared to do about that?

At this point, I could see Jesse having Walt in the same car with him, & driving it straight off a damned cliff, to kill them both, or some similar act
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