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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

BillJ wrote: View Post
That seems really odd since the two episodes are on the same disc in the season set. I really think this one is a reach.
Dream wrote: View Post
"Unification" would certainly sell better than "Time's Arrow" as a single disc release, they can put a nice big picture of Spock on the cover. I can see them doing a new Nimoy interview as part of the extras.
They probably approached Nimoy for an interview but I imagine he would've politely declined -- I don't think he has much to say about his experience on TNG. I'd be pleasantly surprised if they got him to do an interview, however!

As for "Time's Arrow" not getting a single-disc release, I wouldn't be surprised if something like the below is released around the time the complete series set is ready next summer (or possibly later that fall), to make up for the absence of separate releases of that 2-parter, as well as "Birthright," "Descent" and "Gambit.":
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