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Re: TNG Cold Equations Book 2, Silent Wpns Nic-Picks -- SPOILERS

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Having Mack make it Chen instead of, let's say, Geordi, gives us a unique way for this to be done instead of the same old same old we've had for 50 years. I found it entertaining and quite clever that Chen was the one who defused the situation by lying. And the fact she did made me love, love, love the fact she outsmarted both the Atlas and the Gorn.
I appreciate these comments. I did envision her as having something of the trickster about her, being a bit of a con artist, so yeah, it's cool that she kind of scammed her way to a solution.
No problem. In a weird way she reminds me of my grandfather. He was a lot like that. And this isn't me just brown nosing, but out of all the new characters we've had on the Enterprise-E, Titan, DS9, Aventine and Voyager, she's my favorite. She's funny when she needs to be but there were times like when she lost her mother and tried to deal with her father that she almost made me cry. I have the exact same kind of relationship with my father. Absent in childhood yet makes an appearance after tragedy.
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