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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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The flaw in the concept is when you come out with someone else's opinions nicely presented and binded in a book called a "official" tech manual or something of the sort, that's all it is: someone else's opinion that just happens to be published. If you're going to debate the merits of a fictional setting on a tv and movie series, then the only common denominator is the actual presented product: the shows and the movies.

If you start arguing about what is and isn't canon with the supplemental materials, that's when you get into a gray area. Heck the show's creators can't even agree on the subject. Roddenberry cherry picked and declared a lot of things like TAS and some of the movies not to be canon, Berman said everything that appears on screen is. Jeri Taylor said her Voyager novels are canon because she's a producer. If they can't come to any consensus about the supplemental products then how can we? The answer is no... Trek canon is what is presented as the final product. It's the only common bit.

You put an awful lot of words in my mouth in that post of yours Lighthammer, which I don't appreciate one bit. Poor form and kindly don't do it again. If you want to discuss, in a -civilized- fashion what you consider part of your Trek experience go ahead. That's a unique point of view to everyone. But your childish post isn't the way to do it. Heck I agree with you for the most part, and consider many of the novels and games part of my own Trek experience. That doesn't mean it holds any weight in these debates as they are not the core material. They're supplemental and secondary and in the end the opinion of the person who wrote them. It doesn't matter how nicely binded and presented these are, they are just that.. opinions. You're entitled to share them, you're entitled to think they're full of it, you're not entitled to say they're fact despite how pretty they look.
You muchly did the same calling things not canon.

This is an absolute HOT BUTTON topic for me I get absolutely enamored and outright mad when people say that "I am not accepting X because its not canon".

Think about that the next time you say that. Think about what the dictionary definition of CANON is and DO NOT --- DO NOT use it willy nilly.

Again --- I don't care who you are, every time you say official material isn't canon, unless you're willing to put yourself out on display publicly and say something is NOT CANON and explain rationally why you believe its not, you lost creditably immediately the moment you say "that's not canon".

I hope you enjoyed the lambasting. I'll do it every time someone tries to pull that line. The trek properties deserve noting less then that level of defense.
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