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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

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I liked most of this season, but this episode showed why they need to return to 12 episodes. They just sort of copped out of the whole Warlow thing. They completely left the wolf thing dangling (not that that was a particularly compelling storyline anyway).

BSG-style time jump that was weirdly placed and weirdly handled, yet it DOES push the show in another direction. So there's that.

Shouldn't the Hep V vampires have died already instead of becoming bloodthirsty evil zombies? Last week that baby vamp's maker was dying from just one dose of tainted TruBlood. So how are these ones still alive after 6 months?

Violet has actually grown on me. Her pairing with Jason is funny and the "I <3 u truly, madly, deeply" shirt she had on made me laugh out loud. She's actually kind of adorable. In a weird way.
The Warlowe stuff was stupid and the ending lacked any kind of real impact. The second he smacked Sookie and went back into 'bad guy' mode it took away any kind of real emotional impact from killing him.

I don't think the show is very consistent with how long it takes a vampire to die in the sun, but it may also be tied into their age. Eric will be back unless the actor is too busy with other projects, the writers didn't kill off the character though and left it open.

I'm completely onboard with Violet. She's pretty cool and I like that she's a bit crazy obsessive, but also can talk normally and act sweet. It's kind of a "Tsundere" to borrow a Japanese anime/manga term. But not quite since she still can act bitchy to Jason even in private "like no pleasure for him lol."

The Hep V thing by the TV report saying it mutated it would make me believe that the virus has now changed into a strain that isn't immediately lethal. I'm going to guess that it now requires the vampires who catch it to feed more often which is why they're now in packs and attacking towns. The fact that even fairly young vampires like Jessica or Tara can be seen as 'protectors' against these vampires makes me wonder if the Hep-V makes even a much older vampire fairly weak.
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