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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Skyler was right to want a lawyer and not be willing to speak casually about it. "Right" as far as protecting herself goes, anyway. She is as much an accomplice as one could be at this point, no matter how coerced she may have felt at times. She could always have gone to the police, but she was unwilling to face the inevitable consequences of that, so she chose to stay.
And Hank also wanted to record what she said. Skylar is nothing if not whip smart. Just the fact that Hank put that recorder out there lets us know just how sure he is (or was) that Skylar was coerced into staying quiet. I agree with those who say that she could EASILY walk by simply rolling over on Walt. But lets all keep in mind that they are married and she doesn't have to testify against Walt.

Right now it seems Skylar is guilty of only money laundering, maybe conspiracy, and possibly tax evasion. Anyone see anything else?

The fact that Skylar has sided with Walt leaves Jesse as Walt's only "loose end". I'm a little surprised that Saul didn't suggest a little Belizean holiday for him too. That may come soon enough.

Hank finally came clean with what's at stake for him in this and admitted what has been argued around here for a while, that is; that "Hisenberg" being his brother in law all along is going to kill Hank's professional reputation. Also, that there really is not much chance of the Feds thinking he was involved in the the meth business, but he could be seen as "covering" for Walt if he keeps quiet and someone else busts Walt. Hank is sitting snugly between the devil and the deep blue sea.

But just as I was saying, "yeah right, what are the chances the Feds will catch Walt because they haven't even gotten close so far", Hank's subordinate tells him that they are holding Jesse.

This show kicks SO much ass.

Oh, and "Lidia" has some nice legs.
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