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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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... and it is embarrassing that to hold Trek up high at a level that it is not meant to be at.

What Trek is is entertainment: adventures with phasers, starships, alien planets and all, and the characters that go through those adventures together.
Don't get me wrong, I like NuTrek, "In to Darkness" too, but back then, show like TOS and TNG opened viewers minds, braking racial barriers, broadening their imaginition, with a moral base (and it got a bit preachy at times). Television had this revolutionary idea that the TV should educate rather then just entertain. Then reality shows popped up and people became more concerned with who is going to stab who on Big Brother. People hold it in a high regard probably because it's somthing that modern TV is just missing.

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But there has to be a unique spin or other hook to get the audiences to come in. And there is one undeniable truth about the Trek spinoffs: with each new iteration, they became less and less successful.They go to another galaxy and encounter yet another group of people with stuff glued to their faces isn't exactly going to be a recipe for success.
Prime trek doesn't mean the same old stories. I stated that in my Opinion to your post in this quotes link:
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I'm not saying go back to the way they were, because those ships have passed, I'm saying press forward. They could have and still can, we'll see after the next NuTrek installment.
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