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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Relatedly, I think we must consider our position on production intent in canon. It was the intent that the model in Sisko'sready room represented the Daedalus class. While indeed it has not been established onscreen ("first tier" canon or whatever you want to call it) it was indeed author intent. It was indeed on screen - which to me makes it Second Tier and acceptable until something First Tier invalidates it... and somehow, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.
I understand the intent, and I won't argue about that, as that's absolutely what the producers intended. But right along with that Daedalus model in Sisko's ready room was another model of the Nebula class Melbourne. The intent at the time of that model's creation was that the Melbourne was Nebula class, but the later reality turned out different. All I'm saying is that things like desktop models and display screen information should be taken with a grain of salt as far as true "canonicity" is concerned.
I do agree with you there - but OTOH, there's no reason to not take it and run with it a bit, if only because there's nothing that directly contradicts the Daedalus as with the Melbourne. Now, I'm not about to dig through the pile of rejected Jefferies sketches and identify every ship type ever mentioned, but if it's been on screen and hasn't been contradicted, I don't see any harm.

The problem with the Oberth is not that it is already a can of worms - but the other cans it opens. Look at all the different topics that have sprung from it, ranging from starship longevity to the nature of Starfleet registries. The problem is, no one issue related to the Oberth we've identified is enough to really cement it one way or the other, sadly.

Speaking of which, does anyone recall how the TSFS script describes the old girl? I found this.

A mid-sized Federation Science Vessel approaching at impulse power. She PASSES CAMERA, and we PAN WITH her to see her path leads to the Genesis Planet in the distance.
Mid-sized Federation Science Vessel. If you really want to pick a nit, it doesn't even call her a Starfleet ship.

And, 120 meters would be midsize between the Enterprise and nothin.' Interestingly, it seems to assert there are ships smaller than her and also seems to define her specific role.
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