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Re: Original episode plans

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But do you have anything that says that it was done with the intention o turning her into "another f'ed u p woman... a way to get around Vulcan sexuality, make her angry and available at the same time" without regards to the character?
You are asking me if I have a source for my critical assessment of what happened to T'Pol? That would be me. Do I think that Braga and Berman literally wanted to make T'Pol damaged goods in order to get a sexier T'Pol? No. However, I believe that was the end result. The actress' observations and feelings reflect her own understanding of the character and her relationship with production, but nonetheless act as a type of evidence. While Blalock doesn't name names, she points out serious discontinuities in her character, about which I feel free to analyze. Moreover, I think that this fits into a pattern, in which formerly strong women whose emerging sexuality parallels the rise of psychological conflict. Was the Trellium-B plotline necessary to make T'Pol more sexual or more romantic? All that was necessary was time, particularly more exposure to non-Vulcans. Did the Trellium-B plotline enhance our understanding of addiction through the lens of science fiction? YMMV.
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