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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Some of the mudslinging towards newer fans that came in through the JJ movies really irks me. Star Trek is not the pinnacle of intelligent sci-fi. There are so many superior examples of that, and it is embarrassing that to hold Trek up high at a level that it is not meant to be at.

What Trek is is entertainment: adventures with phasers, starships, alien planets and all, and the characters that go through those adventures together.

So as to which universe Future Trek should be set in, I don't mind either way, but I do think the alternate reality is the way to go. It's already been set up and a series set in the same universe has the potential to go anywhere in terms of world-building.

At this point I think I'll be happy with whatever new Trek we get.

I like Trek, and have for over 40 years now. But I realize that it is (for the most part) just space opera.

The main bitch against JJ Abrams and his version of Trek seem to boil down to: "They're not liking Star Trek the right way!"

To one degree or another the same basic crap has come everytime there has been a new version of Star Trek. TAS, TMP, TNG, DSN, VGR, ENT, ad nauseum. There were all met with the cries of panic and derision that they were "ruining ST", and how dare they, and we want the "real" Star Trek back. A lot of Trek fans really do not handle change in their world too well at all.

It really gets tiresome. There's a lot of Star Trek I personally don't care for, so I tend to not pay too much attention to it. Star Trek: Voyager, for example. there are big chunks of it I've not seen to this day. Might get around to it someday, maybe not. But I got nothing against folks who think it's the alpha and omega of all things Star Trek.

Get over it already. No matter what happens on-screen (or in print), Star Trek is still whatever Star Trek is to you. No nobody is gonna come take away your DVDs or the stack of books over there on the shelf. Or erase your memory. So just knock it off and go enjoy whatever flavor of Star Trek you happen to like, and don't worry about the people that like other flavors of Trek.

And to answer the OP: No, because the "prime timeline" hasn't gone anywhere. Folks need to stop trying to stir up controvesy where there ain't any to begin with.
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