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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #7 The Charming Counselor

Counselor Cassandra Julianna Corsinca noticed once agan, the enraptured viewing of the security personnel now that Ivana was out of view. They had voiced on several occasions of their appreciation of her performances in the station's annual plays, but since the upcoming one was around the corner, they had refrained from repeating their compliments from the last play to asking her questions about the upcoming play and future plays in the works, but since this time, they knew she was visiting the ship for official business, they merely refrained from the usual trivial rapport with her to let her be on her way. Still, she smiled a very pleasant smile that has served its purpose in making it easier for humans to be open and to relate to her.

When she boarded the ship, she went to the nearest comm station on the wall since her combadge was keyed to the stations's comm system and not to the ship's. She announced, "Attention, please. This is Counselor Corsinca on official Starfleet business. I am requesting all female Starfleet personnel living on board this ship to please report to the Mess Hall. Thank you." It was better to make the announcement now rather than wait till she was in the Mess Hall herself to cut down the waiting period. By the time the Counselor would get there, she calculated that half of the personnel would be there and the other half would be arriving, preferably shortly.

As she walked towards her destination, using a turbo lift once in getting there, she glanced over the similarity of Admiral Borne's "victims" as being human and of Earth. They were either cadets here on assignments to get a hands-on learning experience or trained ensigns in doing engineering maintenance and repairs, but never once was a victim an officer of a rank above "ensign". The admiral was even more careful so as to select those females that did not have any family in Starfleet, nor in the political offices of the Federation. Being individually isolated from support, the Counselor can see why they would be hesitant to file charges against the rear admiral.

She entered the Mess Hall and saw only a quarter of the expected living personnel had arrived. As the people were strickling in at various times, the Counselor overheard a conversation of hushed complaints between three young ladies in coming in.

"Enow saved your butt, Gabriella, and you know it!" argued Cadet Chelsea Hayward,"If he had not turned off the holodeck program from outside, you would have been decapitated."

Ensign Gabriella Hudson grimaced at that as the third member of their trio, Cadet Shanna Westlake, confirmed, "Neither I nor Chelsea could have gotten to you in time. You were as good as dead, Gabriella."

"BUT ..." then she saw the Counselor looking at them and hushed further,"he's putting an extra encryption code to lock anyone from removing the safety protocols ever again!"

"Yeah..." Cadet Hayward moaned, "but I am going to have to agree with him on this one, Gabriella, "it's stupid to run Worf's Calisthenics without the safety features in place. We haven't gotten out of level one yet."

The Counselor was alarmed at this, but hearing how this foolish oversight by these young ladies was already being taken care of, she decided her official intervention was not needed. She was glad that their neglect of the holodeck safety programs was not going to destract her from the coming issue at hand.

Eventually, most of them had arrived save for three individuals that were not on the ship at this time, bringing the total to thirty-three young ladies she was going to be able to address presently. She smiled pleasantly enough, disarming them from thinking that they were all in trouble for something, and thus putting them all at ease.

She began, "As you all know, each of you have been approached and pursued inappropriately by Admiral Barone. I know that you all have been addressed by the Commodore to confront the Admiral to hold him to the high standard here at Starfleet, but have declined," she reported, "and I wish to know why."

"He has powerful friends in Starfleet and in the Federation," Ensign Gabriella Hudson yelled in exasperation,"HE COULD MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT FOR OUR FAMILIES AT HOME!"

Silence filled the Mess Hall for a while and then Cadet Shanna Westlake added, "Nobody would believe us..."

The Counselor spoke firmly, "Individually, it would be difficult, but if you were all to agree to take a stand together, the oddity of the similarity of each of you as victim would seem apparent, because there is a pattern."

"I don't see how when it happens on the holo-deck," Cadet Hayward replied.

"Playing the part of an Amazon on the run from being captured by a big game hunter is tell-taling enough," the Counselor pointed out.

"But he has played that with other females in Starfleet, and have not acted inappropriately with them," Ensign Hudson reported, "I know! Because I have checked! I wanted to find at least one female officer that he had taken advantaged of that has participated on record in his personal holo-deck program, but not one of them has given a hint of having a bad experience out of that!"

"They have all called it 'the most exhilirating experience' of all holo-deck programs...." Cadet Chelsea Hayward added, thus indicating she was with Ensign Gabriella Hudson on her quest to find one lone Starfleet officer to expose the admiral of his misbehaviour in the program towards them.

"I see..." the Counselor pondered the added information to weigh out the situation more, "still, there is legal warrant to expose the admiral by the traits you all share as victims," she went on to explain, "you are all humans with ties to Earth: all of you are not officers above the rank of Ensign: and none of you have family members in Starfleet or in any offices of the Federation to give you support..." the Counselor concluded, "it would be enough to bear merit to restrict the admiral from cojoining any Starfleet personnel in any holodeck programs ever again."

"But not enough to kick him out of Starfleet or hold him responsible," Ensign Hudson pointed out in conclusion, " and thus he will be in a position still to exert political influence to hurt our families."

"That would be detrimental to the image he would be trying to convey towards his friends as being a scapegoat when using his friends to exact revenge," she paused,"that would make him look guilty," the Counselor remarked, putting in, "plus, since he is a rear admiral of much influence, news media would be covering all of you for any signs of reprisals. It would be foolish for the admiral to try anything outside the holodeck which is what you are removing as his priviledge from ever having access to again....ever...," the Counselor continued, "and although, the admiral will seek to save face by agreeing to this restriction and still be in Starfleet, you would be preventing him from taking advantage of any other young female members in Starfleet."

There was a slowly agreeing of the minds there in the mess hall as some nodded their heads while others pondered the obvious positive outcome that they should be leaning towards in making an unilateral agreement to take a stand against the admiral to prevent him from suckering anybody else from joining in playing with him in that holodeck program, but there were still a few hold-outs, shaking their heads negatively.

"What if he was to catch us alone somewhere?" Cadet Hayward asked in trepidation.

"I do have a holodeck program that each of you can have for your own personal study on how to apply the Vulcan nerve pinch," the Counselor offered, "with the right pressure, you can incapicitate the admiral, if need be."

That got almost all of the approval from the women as their eyes lit up for that, but a few held out still as Ensign Hudson growled venomously, "I just WANT that BASTARD out of STARFLEET for GOOD!"

"Starfleet has many enemies," the Counselor began, "it would be nice if they were all gone, but that is not how life is," she continued,"we need to set boundaries with those that we are oppose to so that we can go on with our lives and progress as we should to our enjoyment without giving any more satisfaction to such oppressions within Starfleet as well as without," the Counselor pointed out the significance of Ensign Hudosn's present life, "to hide away from him on this ship so that your place of residence would be unlisted at the station for your tour here is preventing you from having any other well-behaved suitors or new friends from finding you or even your relatives that happened to be making a surprise visit to the station from finding you."

That did it. The Counselor's winning charm aside, Gabriella Hudson realized now what they were all letting him get away with, and that was allowing him to limit the boundaries of their social outlets just to avoid his stealthly oppressive nature of asking them once again to join him in the holodeck or risk an unfavourable reassignment to a far outpost.

It wasn't long afterwards when they all went to the replicator to each get an individual Recording Padd to register their complaint as an individual and as a group. It was more than five and a half hours later when the Counselor had completed registering their complaint to file with Starfleet along with the evidence of the Holodeck registerings of the admiral spending time with these ladies individually in the holosuites on the station.

"How long will it take?" Ensign Hudson inquired.

The Counselor looked at her Registry Padd and saw an immediate acknowledgement by Admiral Katherine Janeway, and reported, "Apparently, alot sooner than we think," she looked at the endorsement from Admiral Janeway as creditting the Counselor's investigative report as another example of the "charming" Vulcan as being more than eligible for diplomatic status here in Starfleet. She did not know that Admiral Janeway was campaigning behind the scenes to update her status to Ambassader. "Some people do seem to exaggerate my abilities as counselor," she stated, "but it appears they are calling for an emergency meeting at this late hour as we speak."

The room exploded with applause.

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