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Re: IS the okuda timeline canon?

^ I think in terms of being a resource it's an excellent text. But it carries no clear 'weight' (IMO) over anything else. The Okudas' "conjecture" is more or less the same as any one of us here on the TrekBBS coming up with elaborate explanations for events. In real terms unless it gets said on television then it didn't really happen.

I guess what I'm saying is the Chronology is basically just 'fanon' which has come to be accepted because there is no true alternative. You know, for monumental events in the mythology like the birthdates of major characters in TOS there is no canon information, so most of us accept the 'fanon' put forward by the likes of the Okudas as a viable alternative. The Okudas tended to solve this problem by (unless otherwise stated) assuming the character is simply the same age as the actor, but again it isnt a perfect solution by any means. It works, but it isn't elegant.
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