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Re: Favourite Bridge

For asthetic reasons I've always had a fondness for the bridge of "The Cage". It's basically the TOS bridge, but with a cool battleship-gray mystique. It wasn't sterile like some of the movie TOS bridges, but it had a great sense of realism that the standard (brightly colored) TOS bridge sometimes lacks.

A lot of the later bridges felt too stylized for my liking. Less like realistic command centers, more like elaborate science fiction TV show stage sets. They all felt cluttered, like they were full of consoles that are just there to look cool rather than because it was a logical design. Especially flawed in this regard are the 1701-E and the Voyager bridges, neither of which I really took to. I do like the Defiant though. That one was the best for capturing the essence of the TOS bridge. It felt like the production designer had put a lot of thought into it, like they'd sat at their desk and said "If Starfleet existed in the real world, what would one of their starship bridges actually look like?". The Defiant felt real to me, and the only other bridges that came close to that feeling for me were the ones used in "The Cage" and the first three TOS movies.
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