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Chuck Finley
Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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It was talky, but quite gripping. They laid out all the good stuff that we've been waiting for.
Yeah, I agree. I kept saying to myself, "I like where they are going with this." I wasn't sure about Skyler. At first, she wasn't happy about Walt's drug empire, but now, I think she's on board. How can you see a huge pile of money and not be tempted to just go along with it? Everybody has their price. I'm glad she didn't just spill the beans with Hank. Of course this puts a rift between her and Marie. Hank is going ahead with the investigation, but I don't see this ending with an arrest. I also don't see Jesse talking. I see Saul swooping in and putting a stop to it. I think we're going to see Saul in every episode from now on. I'm starting to think that it's going to come down to Tod's Uncle vs. Walt. Hank is in the middle of it all and Jesse is the wild card. I agree though, this episode was needed in order to set the tone and set everything up. This show always does that though, as soon as things start slowing down, a shit storm comes and moves the story along.
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