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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

I seem to remember Mr. Probert's comments about treating the wall display as the "real" Enterprise-C. I seem to also recall him suggesting that his design might have been the appearance of the original U.S.S. Ambassador.

Why are we talking about the Ambassador anyway?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Ships like the Enterprise and the Reliant benefitted from refined upgrade packages (or a more substantial upgrade than the Soyuz Class), but eventually only the Miranda Class turned out to still have a bright future ahead, because it was a more versatile and multi-purpose design (than the Enterprise) and its upgrades had been more substantial or better (than the Soyuz Class).
I'll buy that - and maybe it was those very interim features that doomed the Soyuz class so early? Or, maybe the Soyuz class was an offshoot of the "original" design, meant for a special, urgent purpose, who was even more easily done in by her interim features?

I might agree with Timo that the Oberth as presented in TSFS and beyond could represent a technological level around the movie era or before, so perhaps it's a midstep along the lines you suggest the Soyuz to be.

OTOH, we should consider refits in general. Something about the Enterprise refit was special, I think. Others have suggested that it was perhaps a testbed for a whole new class; i.e., older ships with "prefit" (TOS) tech were not upgraded, but rather replaced with new models.

I'm not sure whether I subscribe to this theory yet, but it is worthy of note that the Excelsior and Miranda's appearances did not change appreciably in the same way the Enterprise changed from prefit to refit, nor have we seen any real similar degree of change in any other starship model. Now, it's possible that indeed there were other refits of Enterprise scale that went unseen, but why nothing for the Excelsior and Miranda onward? Is it them that's special, or the refit of the Enterprise?

My tangential point here is, we have no explicit reason, based on what's onscreen, to assume that the Oberth was ever refit into its known configuration. Based on this, we are left essentially with a debate over its age. This leaves us examining her features and registry, and also the longevity of the design.

Relatedly, I think we must consider our position on production intent in canon. It was the intent that the model in Sisko'sready room represented the Daedalus class. While indeed it has not been established onscreen ("first tier" canon or whatever you want to call it) it was indeed author intent. It was indeed on screen - which to me makes it Second Tier and acceptable until something First Tier invalidates it... and somehow, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

(That said, any ship other than Essex need not be Daedalus class, of course.)

Why are we talking about the Daedalus anyway?
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