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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Oblivion - on Demand - Going into the movie I was aware of the major spoiler, I wanted to see how it played out. They decided to go fully Duncan Idaho Ghola on us. I liked the movie but it was like eating rice puffs, it fills you up but doesn't satisfy. There is a disconnect somewhere with Joseph Kosinski direction. Both with Tron Legacy and Oblivion, they were pretty to watch, have amazing world building, good actors, yet the final product lacks any heart. I think he is an incredibly talented director, that has made two good (average) movies.

Sand Pebbles - AMC - What an incredible movie, so rich and textured. The color and framing of shots, just majestic. I have seen bits and pieces of this before but this was the first time I got to see it as a whole. The movie was riveting from beginning to end. Excellent performances from Richard Crenna as the Captain slipping into madness, Steve McQueen as the anxious ships engineer and Richard Attenborough as love lorn Frenchy.

Disney Planes - Movie Theater - Was able to take my two boys, 4 & 3 year olds to see Disney's latest from the world of Cars. For my younger son, this was his first trip to a movie theater. Seeing how my older sons first trip to a movie theater was with Cars 2, very nice symmetry going on. My boys are unabashed Cars lovers, they have almost every toy. Even before going to see Planes, they already had several of the characters toys already. So for them, this was a hit. They were talking about it after for hours, they played with their Planes toys and everything was right with the world for them. For me, not so much. While I talked about there being no heart in Oblivion, it goes double for Planes. This is a mash up of Cars 1 & 2, it was like they didn't even try. These are paint by number characters, that have no real depth. There is no real point to the story and no real character development beyond some lip service. I love Cars, I have watched or half watched it with my boys hundred of times. I love the simple take on the true nature of friendship and finding yourself. It teaches a good life lesson without banging you of the head with it. I don't enjoy Cars 2 as much as Cars 1 because I thought it was a lost opportunity, with the passing of Paul Newman. They could have really explored the meaning of loss and being lost and finding yourself again done in the same sweet way as Cars 1. In Cars 2 we got a makeshift environmental trope that didn't go anywhere and a ham-handed fish out of water story, oh and the nature of friendship. Overall Planes was mediocre at best, probably should have stayed a Direct to DVD offering. I know I will be watching this a lot once it hits Blu-Ray, so I have that to look forward to...not.
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