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Re: Nicolas Cage's Career hits a new low.

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Well you have a point there. But these books seems like a kind of fundie Christian version of torture porn to me. It gives them the opportunity to get their rocks off watching/reading about a group of people they are prejudiced against get slaughtered for daring not believe the same things they do, while fantasising about watching it from their perch in heaven.
That's exactly what it is, yup.

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Revelation's inherent nihilism - God's gonna kill/allow to be killed pretty much all the unbelievers anyway, so what harm is there in sending 'em his way a bit earlier? - not to mention its anti-environmentalism (who cares about saving the rainforests, God's gonna torch everything all any day now) - has almost certainly encouraged, and probably in some cases caused, all sorts of killing and slaughter (not to mention indifference to environmental crises) in religion's name. I'm surprised you aren't capable of employing such basic critical/historical reasoning.
There's nothing nihilstic about Revelation within its proper context. The problem is its been so horribly misused by the power-mad over the years that that's all people think of it.

Supernatural's take on Revelation is probably my favorite despite having some issues with it. Even with it's rather... loose... interpretation and entirely lacking the key figure, the execution is SO much better than the slavishly textbook version of Left Behind and its ilk - not to mention the lack of smugness and self-righteousness and the focus on humanity as worthwhile in our own right.
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