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Re: Original episode plans

Let's hear from Frau Blalock:

Since my character is a drug addict, she's no longer in control of her emotions. So because of the Trillium-D, she might begin a relationship.
I have mixed feelings about [the Tellium B addiciton]. It was very difficult for me to justify. Why would T'Pol want to do this to herself? Why are emotions so important to her? I felt that she lost herself there. She lost her culture, she lost her person – she lost T'Pol. She even lost her reputation!
I had a hard time last year. I had a real hard time with the trellium-D addiction, I had a real hard time with the sex, I had a hard time with the emotions -- I couldn't justify it as an actor. Why do I find these emotions so thrilling? What's wrong with me? I just felt that she was lost. She was lost in the story arc, she was lost in resigning her commission, not having a post -- it was weird not being called 'subcommander.' I felt that she was ripped of her respect and her dignity. I just felt that she became an emotional floozy, you know? And I didn't like it.
None of these quotes directly reference a producers' decision. They do reflect the actress' understanding of the development and how outside the character's development it was. Moreover, it links, implicitly, the addiction and changes in the character's sexuality, which the actress felt lacked continuity with the character's development.
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