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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #6 What Had Just Happened?

Lena saw that Ivana was still slightly trembling from the encounter and stood by her friend and crewmate to hold her for comfort from the side, asking "What had just happened here?"

"I.. I don't know..." Ivana replied as her voice trailed off into fear. She looked in the direction that Enow had gone, but saw the Counselor eyeing her now instead with discernment.

The Counselor walked back to her quickly and pulled her aside with Lena in tow outside the entry doors of the loading passageway to the memorial ship, and had asked, "Do you know Enow, Miss...?"

"Camelot," Ivana referred to her last name,"and no, I have never met him before, not that I recall, but..."

"Have you suffered a traumatic injury yourself in your past at any time?" The Counselor inquired further.

Ivana was surprised by this personal level of inquiry, but she did answer honestly,"Nothing on the level of what I had felt from him."

"So you are an Empath, " and then she continued, "do you have any lapse of memory or ...?" the Counselor pursued with more clarity,"are there any missing periods of time that you cannot recollect?"

"No..." Ivana stammered, sensing the connection of the questions were somehow related to Enow.

"Interesting..." the Counselor commented, and then cited,"you do not have to answer the next question if you do not want to, but what is your genetic heritage?"

"I am half Betazoid and half Vulcan," Ivana replied.

"Howsa?!!" Lena exclaimed,"So THAT'S HOW you have been able to handle those MEN!!! You got the strength of a VULCAN!!"

Ivana looked at Lena to say something, but changed her mind and looked back at the Counselor for answers, "Why are you asking me these kind of questions?"

"It is public record that Enow does not remember anything before the age of fourteen," the Counselor reported,"if you have not mind-melded with him in that time period..."

"No. No, I have never mind melded with anyone..." Ivana commented.

"Puzzling," the Counselor concluded.

"Why is that?" Lena had asked.

"Betazoids and Vulcans are natural telepaths, but mixed heritages has been known to lessen these telepathic abilities," the Counselor explained.

"I would think they would be even more heightened.." Lena interjected.

"I can see why one would think that," Cassandra replied, "but that has not been the case statistically in Starfleet medical logs."

"Speaking of public records, " Ivana saw the opportunity and had to ask,"is it public record in Starfleet that I am an Empath?"

Cassandra raised an eyebrow, touched the other padd she had retreived from her office after leaving the Commodore's and went to the appropriate screen, and asked, "Full name?"

"Shanara Ivana Camelot," Ivana complied.

"Yes," Cassandra relayed, "it has you listed here as a Betazoid and as a Vulcan. The medical scan of your synaptic pathways has you listed as heightened empathic abilities only."

"Why would Starfleet has that in their public records?" Ivana had asked.

"Security purposes," the Counselor replied, and then added, "if you were in Starfleet, you would have the right to limit how much of your medical records would be made public."

"Just how public are those medical records?" Lena had asked.

"Only Starfleet Medical and Security personnel can have access to them," the Counselor informed.

"That would include executive officers like Captains and Admirals...?" Ivana inquired further in hesitant conclusion.

"Yes," the Counselor relayed,"diplomats do have access to these kind of informations, but usually by way of Starfleet executive officers."

Ivana gave a look of disappointment, but dropped the matter as she referred to the telepathic encounter with Enow, "So how did I receive his real name then?"

The Counselor was puzzled by this new information, and asked, "What is his real name?"

"Godfrey...?" Ivana stated in a form of a question since it was hardly an unpronouceable name in Vulcan.

"Fascinating," the Counselor commented, and then speculated,"I can only surmise that you are mistaken. It was indeed, only a split second of physical contact, was it not?"

"Yes..." Ivana hesitated,"but it was so personal. It was more like.... I knew him as Godfrey."

"Highly unlikely," the Counselor stated plainly, "if you had no recollection of having physical contact with him, let alone a mind meld, then I fail to see how you can receive that from him unless he was a family member."

"Family member?" both Ivana and Lena asked at once in wonderment.

"As in born in the same womb," the Counselor cited,"he would have to be your brother," the Counselor still saw the look of puzzlement on their faces, and so she continued, "it is rare, but twins have been known to be in a form of telepathic connection by physical contact in the womb. Mothers of mixed Betazoid and Vulcan heritages have reported hearing the thoughts of their children and vise versa from within the womb."

"What is Enow's birth date?" Ivana inquired.

The Counselor looked it up, and had to compare the Vulcan's calender to Earth's calender before replying, in hesitancy, "it is the same birthdate as your own, December 13th," but then she looked up at Ivana squarely in the eye and said, "I would not take it as definitive proof that he is your brother since by the Vulcan's calender, that is my birthday too."

"And your outward characteristics are more Vulcan than Betazoid," Ivana did say in conclusion, "so it is more than likely I am not related to Enow nor to you."

"I would have to study the matter more..." the Counselor said as she looked up the statistical report on mixed traits on twins when they are born, "but generally, when it comes to twins, they share the same outward physical traits, but I have yet to compare Starfleet's birth records with Betazed's and Vulcan's."

"Maybe Enow is your brother?" Lena speculated in a playful manner.

At that, the Counselor raised an eyebrow, and for a moment, she did consider the possibility, but ended the conversation by saying,"Regardless, it is obvious that you are mistaken on receiving that name from him."

"Obviously," Ivana said as she seemed more collected now to no longer need the support of her friend to lean on her, "thank you for your assistance, Counselor. We shall be on our way now."

But the more Ivana walked away from the entry doors of the ship, the more grieved she was within her. She looked back to see the Counselor walking in the opaque passageway to board the memorial ship, as a growing gnawing emotional pain was present in her stomache and spreading to her torso. She and Lena had walked a mere twenty yards before she began to keel over and tapped her chest lightly from the painful grief. Lena gave a look of concern and then Ivana reported with tears in her eyes, "I need to see our Dr. McCoy."

"Ivana, "Lena reasoned with her, "he doesn't have any medical equipment or medicine to treat you with," Lena reminded her, "our ship is gone."

Ivana groaned, "Then it looks like I am going to have to be treated by Starfleet again," she paused as she debated within herself whethor to subject herself to their care, and then decided, "take me to my quarters. Maybe it will pass."

They walked a little bit further before she collapsed to her knees, "Ivana! Are you still sensing the Vulcan from even out here?" Lena asked in alarm as she consoled her friend.

"No..." Ivana suddenly realized, "I .. I made a mistake, " she paused to brace herself against the pain to continue as she began to sob, "I thought I had sensed the grief coming from him," Ivana explained, "but this is MY grief!" she began to rock to see if that would take the pain away as she tapped her chest more to beat it out of her, "I am the one that is grieving!" the tearful Ivana looked up at the frightened Lena, "How can this be?!!"
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