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DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

Loving TNG on blu-ray in spite of any little glitches here and there and I've mostly avoided watching any SD Trek lately.

Went to introduce DS9 to a new fan and the quality difference is (obviously) great on a 54" hdtv between the TNG BD and DS9 DVD

So what's a Niner to do? The TNG remastering project is more than 1/2 way thru, and we know CBS wants to here from us that there's a demand for DS9. What is the most effective form of persuasion we have at our disposal? Hand written letters? Email onslaught? Online petition??

Let's get the buzz going so CBS doesn't lose the incredible momentum being generated by the TNG remaster. I'll admit it, I've become an HD snob and I really really want to see DS9 in full 1080p glory!!
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