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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I don't see why the Bozeman was supposedly older than Reliant. But I think I understand what you're trying to imply from a TNG point of view, considering the Miranda Class (older) is still around while the Soyuz Class (later) is not.
Besides the decommissioning date, the Bozeman also sported a bridge module based on the Phase II Enterprise refit.
I had forgotten about this little but possibly crucial detail that could hint a solution for a credible rationalization.

The one thing we never learned about Reliant was whether she had been a refitted TOS-style Miranda Class or a totally new design utilizing the brand-new components of the Enterprise's refit.

I stated that I believe the "NCC-1831" on the starship status chart from "Court Martial" to be an early, possibly unintended, hint that Miranda Class ships (18th Federation starship design) already existed during the TOS era.

The 19th design (Soyuz Class) could have already been the first one combining TOS (or "Phase II post-TOS designs) and TMP Enterprise elements.
In simpler language, ships like the Bozeman could have been the first to go with the new upgrade elements (but still in the need for further refinement).

Ships like the Enterprise and the Reliant benefitted from refined upgrade packages (or a more substantial upgrade than the Soyuz Class), but eventually only the Miranda Class turned out to still have a bright future ahead, because it was a more versatile and multi-purpose design (than the Enterprise) and its upgrades had been more substantial or better (than the Soyuz Class).

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