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Re: The Doctor (why didn't they just make more?)

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I reckon the nature of emergency engineering problems sorta makes a hologram a really bad choice as a helper. Power fluctuations could make the hologram appear/disappear. Imagine having a holographic engineer who shorts out and drops a plasma torch in a warp core or something.
Good point, I still think it wouldn't be a bad idea as a option, especially on ships that have fully equipped holoprojectors anyway, but it'd need some damn strict safety features.

Though the obvious answer is robots. I often wondered why a society that can create Data how there were never anything less than. Like Star Wars' droids. From a real world perspective I realise I just answered my own question, it'd be stealing/not unique. But I'm not looking for C-3PO/R2-D2 main characters. Just in the background to acknowledge it's possible.
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