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Re: BABYLON 5 - First time watching series

Episode 20: Babylon Squared
Babylon 4 returns after disappearing four years ago, and Sinclair and Garibaldi must lead a group to evacuate its crew.

Cool Sci Fi episode for B5. Outside the aliens and spaceships, this show has stayed away from big Sci Fi anatomy episodes until now. I liked how B4 was treated as a ghost ship, we don't really find out more about later in the episode when we learn about time stopping for those on B4. Also we learn in this episode that the Human and Minbari war was stopped because of some kind of prophecy, and Delenn chooses to stay on B5. The final twist is interesting, I guess you are sent flying back if you ever touch your future self!

Episode 21: The Quality of Mercy
Franklin discovers an unlicensed medical practitioner in Downbelow, while a convicted murder escapes his prison.

This episode had an A, B AND C plot. I'm not sure which was the A plot and which was the B plot in this episode. I'll consider Farnkin's plot to be the A plot. It was good to see more of Downbelow and the poorer people, also apparently doctors can't help whoever they want, the military sucks. The A and B plots connect in the end, when the killer takes the practitioner named Rosen and her daughter hostage, to treat a wound in the escape attempt.

The C plot had Londo taking Lennier for a tour of Babylon 5. We learn that Lennier finds naked strippers fascinating, that Minbari turn homicidal after drinking alcoholic beverages, and Lennier knows kung fu! Also Londo might have a tail that he uses to cheat at poker?

Another important fact we learn is that only traitors and mutineers get the death penalty on the station. In the end the magic alien healing device in put in a box in storage for future use, let's hope Indiana Jones doesn't steal it!

Episode 22: Chrysalis
Londo gets help from his mutual friend to deal a heavily guarded Narn outpost, Garibaldi discovers a sinister plot to assassinate a high ranking government official.

The plot with Londo and his "friend" seems to be the main thing developing for future seasons. We find out the "friend" is named Morden, whose true form might be a nearly invisible multilegged creature like this coworkers. They have access to high level weaponry and may or may not have plans for the galaxy, they easily destroy the outpost controlled by the Narn. They will obviously will want something in exchange for everything they have done for Londo. Will Londo turn out to be an unwilling pawn for these evil alien dudes?

The B plot involves Garibaldi discovering the plot to kill the president, he gets shot in the back for his troubles. I think Morden's group is probably involved in that. They might want the President out of the way for someone else to take the position. The Vice President involved might be involved, that has to be the only reason why wasn't he eliminated too.

The C plot involves Delenn undergoing some changes. She is now in already in a cocoon after using the triangle device. Will she come out of it with three arms? Let's hope not!

The entire episode I was expecting Sinclair to get brutally murdered, especially after he proposed to Catherine, and was glad he wasn't. They have been hinting at it all season! They went and shot Garibaldi instead! Those bastards!

Overall, I liked the first season. I'm looking forward to see what will happen next!

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