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Re: Internal Revenue Service stocking up on firearms and ammo

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This is why I don't own a cell phone. They can't use their GPS locators to find me. Besides, I heard those things cook your brains.
You have an IP address since you're using the internet.
Oh yes, I know. I also left out the fact that I have a landline, so I'd be very easy to find. If they were after me, they know where I am, since I receive government disability benefits.

But I've never even used a cellphone, I don't know anything about how they work. One time I was waiting for the train, and this guy I'd never seen before wanted me to take his picture with his phone, even handed to me. When I tried to tell him I didn't know anything about them (and that I'm half blind), he got all mad and went into a tirade saying I didn't want to help him because he was black. Fortunately he calmed down, because it was making me nervous. He was polite (initially, and even apologized afterwards), well dressed, white shirt, tie, definitely some sort of office work guy. And I was wearing a cap, a t-shirt, jeans, and carrying my cane. Guess he was just having a bad day.
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