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Re: What's the deal wit the release??

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Because if you have an xbox360 and or PS3 you would be downloading the actual high def film on your device hard drive to watch on your HD tv
Those including myself going with this option are in effect getting the blu-ray a month before it hits stores
I actually prefer this option nowadays as I am tired of stacks of disks on my shelf. Gave away about a 100 DVDs and some blus I never watch to Goodwill today

It's a blu-ray or DVD without the disk and its the future of home movie watching
I don't really get this approach when it comes to movies. A digital download is like watching youtube. The quality of a digital download movie is so inferior to what a physical Blu-Ray disc offers. Your mileage may vary, but I can tell the difference between a Blu-Ray and say an iTunes, Ultraviolet or HD Netflix movie almost instantly. If it's a movie I want to own, I want to own it in the best possible quality available. In this day and age, and at a reasonable price point, that means Blu-Ray.

If there is a movie that I am interested in and didn't watch it in the theater, I may rent it off of iTunes or VOD it from my cable provider. Otherwise I am quite content to wait until it appears on Netflix, or just shows up on TV. If it is a great movie and I want to own it, I buy the Blu-Ray so I can enjoy it again in the best quality available.

Ironically I am the exact opposite with music. I never buy CD's. In fact I'm amazed that CD's are still around. The tech is only 6 or so years younger than VHS tech, and with the loudness wars the quality today is arguably worse than it was 30 years ago. The last CD I bought was the 2 disc limited edition deluxe soundtrack for Star Trek (2009). Before that I think it was something from the mid 2000's. Other than that one CD I am digital only. I ripped all my CD's and sent them to iTunes match. That Star Trek CD is currently the only CD that I still have. The rest were like you, given to goodwill.

Ok tangent over, back to movies...

If the Blu-Ray movie I'm buying has a digital copy, I use the code to give a friend the movie. I rip the disc so I can watch it on my portable devices. I'm not going to pay money for a digital copy of a movie whose DRM can be revoked at any time. At least iTunes lets me download DRM free copies of my music that I store as backup in the cloud. (in higher quality that I originally ripped it at. 128kb mp3....that was so stupid of me.)

So far no download service can do that for movies. I can rip a higher quality version of a move then they currently provide as a download or stream. Why would I pay for only the inferior DRM'd product, when I can have better quality with 2 minutes of physical work?
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