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Advice on Upgrading Harddrive on Windows 8 Laptop.

I have an HP Laptop running Win8 as title says. Looking to Upgrade from Stock HDD to a 1 T.B. 7200 H.D.D. What I'm not sure of is if I can Clone everything from the old drive to the new, pop in the new drive, and have it boot up. or if I will need to Order Recovery disks from HP, or if the Disks I made when I bought this computer will suffice. I know Win8 (no go back to Win7 jokes please...) "binds" itself to the serial of your motherboard AND your H.D.D. (I believe, but can't seem to find info to confirm.) Just wondering if Anyone has dealt with this here, thanks. Would really love to just copy everything over and be done with it.
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