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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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The reboot craze will never die. It's been with us since before we called it a reboot.
They were merely remakes priorly, comic books were the first time they used the term. It was when they dropped the previous history and started the story afresh. They've done it many times and have gone back and continued previous stories. IMO Ultimate X-Men sucked but Astonishing X-Men (which was tied to Uncanny X-Men's earth) was great.
Been reading comics since the Sixities. Reboots didn't begin them. All sorts of franchises have been rebooted ( A term derived from computing, iirc) They change actors. They redo the origin. They change the setting. They revamp the concept. Creators were doing it before many people even knew how to use computers.

Ultimate X-Men isn't a reboot. The other X-men comics are still being published. The Ultimate version exists in a different continuity.
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