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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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OK, that episode wasn't as exciting as last week, but interesting all the same.
It was talky, but quite gripping. They laid out all the good stuff that we've been waiting for.

Talking Bad was pretty good tonight. Anna Gunn was on and she talked about what was going through Skyler's mind in the diner as well as what makes Walt a sympathetic character. Basically, Skyler went to the diner thinking she would be arrested and as Hank was talking, she started calculating and decided she needed to keep quiet and get out, so she created a scene. And here I thought she really was frazzled. And as for what makes Walt someone to root for, she says that he represents the guy who's been kicked around by people and life and wants to rise up and empower themself. She confirmed something I've been saying all along. It was never about the cancer and saving his family. Not really.

There was also a bit where Danny Trejo talked about how cool it was to have his head walking across the desert on the back of a turtle.

I also had one concern while I was watching... The baby. Would they shoot a big yelling scene with a baby there? Turns out they didn't. According to Gunn, they used a rubber baby in some shots and I'm guessing that the crying was dubbed in later on. Don't know how they got the baby to do facial expressions though.
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