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Re: Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer, Jan 2014!

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You really need SPOILER codes. You are spoiling things in a thread that's not supposed to be spoiling anything.
It was my understanding that care is taken within a two or three month period from the books release. That one's been out for the best part of a year...
And have you read every book that's been out for a year? If you can answer yes, I'll leave this be. If you cannot say yes, then go back and put in the spoiler codes.

Not everyone has read every Star Trek book. We do get people coming in asking what to read not having kept up or just starting. So we know a year old Trek book spoilers can be spoiling books for others.
Do they generally come into threads for future books that are part of the ongoing narrative and continue reading?

That'd be silly.
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