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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

It will be a remake....ah.....homage to Yesterday's Enterprise. A temporal anomaly tosses the Enterprise 100 years into the future where they meet the crew of the Enterprise-D. The D is involved in long term war with the Klingon Empire. A war that was ignited by the actions of a certain Captain James T. Kirk In addition to Picard, Data and the rest, also on board the D is Old NuSpock (Leonard Nimoy) The dilemmas, save the D from the Klingons ( who would love to get a hold of James T. Kirk the quintessential devil in this matter), Return home and see if they can change the future ( should they?) Of course they defeat the Klingons and save the D. They enter time warp and wind up....

In 2015!!!!!! Cliff hanger for the next movie: Tomorrow is Yesterday/Voyage Home/Assignment Earth
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