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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
Which are, of course, only read by those 100 people who voted at the con. Don't risk alienating your audience, Mr. Cox!
He's not alienating any audience that he knows of, but telling the truth as far as business realities are concerned, which you and others need to deal with.

Timewalker wrote: View Post
Damn, you're bossy.

Did I EVER claim to speak for you? No, not even once. The only person I claim to speak for is ME. It's MY opinion that I hate the Abramsverse crap. I wasn't at this convention, didn't vote, and have no idea what it was about. In fact, I've only ever been to one fan event in the US - in the late '80s, when I met Sylvester McCoy at a Doctor Who event at the PBS TV station in Spokane, Washington. So kindly do not tar me with whatever animosity you hold for the people at this other event. And taunting me with "your version of Trek will never be on TV or in the movies again, neener-neener-neener!" is just childish.
I'm not taunting you or saying 'neener-neener-neener!' anymore than anybody else here on this board is-I'm simply agreeing with them when they say that the Prime Universe isn't coming back no matter how much you and other fans want to see it come back, and I stated it in as serious a tone as I could convey on the printed page, just like those others. That you choose to be offended is your prerogative. You and others here can choose to see the fan shows, watch all of the old episodes and movies, read all of the older novels/comic books, and play all of the video games based on the previous continuity as much as you want until you're blue in the face or your eyes bleed, but you'll all have to face facts; the old continuity is dead, gone, finished (except for fan fiction, novels and Star Trek Online) and that's it. Your dealing with this, or not, is up to you and those others.
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