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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continued

One of the things I like about this show is that they DO follow through on storylines.

A couple of months ago, Healy suggested Miss Claudette appeal her sentence.

She said no. "Hope" was too dangerous to contemplate for this woman.

Then she got a letter from Jean Baptiste and changed her mind. We saw her in the law library for several eps, and from past eps we know she & her lawyer filed the appeal. Now she has another 24 hours to wait for a response.

She walks into her cubical one morning and comments that her bunkmate (who's working the night shift cleaning toilets) missed breakfast.

Piper: I needed to sleep more than I needed eggs.

Earlier this morning, Piper finally told Alex about her cell phone call with "the fiancÚ".

Now Piper finally addresses the radio program with Miss Claudette. (I love how she still calls her "Miss Claudette" even after all these weeks, while Miss C simply calls her "Chapman".) She once again apologizes for the radio program. Miss Claudette "knows" the stories that fellow prisoners whisper about her, she just wished her Bunkie "thought enough of {her} to ask for the truth."

You realize how much this hurt Claudette when she leaves her Bunkie with a cutting remark.

Miss Claudette: Tomorrow is a big day for me, and I won't have you ruin it (by sharing her respiratory virus). That seems to be a talent of yours.


Piper, via Larry's radio program, ruined Miss Claudette & Suzanne's view of themselves AND not only ruined Doggett's view, Piper had her thrown into Psych. I would have to say that what Miss C said was right. It wasn't kind... but it was right.

The next day finds Miss Claudette in a lighter mood. She shares with Piper that her lawyer feels the judge is leaning their way. Piper sits up and offers Miss Claudette an olive branch, in the form of pink nail polish to brighten her up for this special day.

Miss Claudette: (Looks at the bottle) I don't think that's my color.
Piper: Hold out your hand.

Miss C sighs, then walks over to the standing Piper and holds out her hand. Piper silently takes it and carefully applies the polish to one nail.

One of the important things about this scene, is watching Miss C as she watches Piper.

Piper: Have any big plans if this all works out?
Miss Claudette: There is someone waiting for me. That is plan enough. (Piper looks thoughtful) And, I'm going to eat dinner at dinnertime. At 7 o'clock... like a person.
Piper: (Looks at Miss C... like a person and asks) What do you think?
Miss Claudette: (Looks at her hand) Pretty. (Then Miss C smiles, nods and gives Piper her hand once more, to finish the job. Piper is also smiling. This was certainly easier than chewing jalapeno peppers for Red.)

Later this day... we'll discover what the courts think of Miss Claudette's pink nail polish and her hopeful appeal.
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